Volunteer to help

There’s lots of different ways you can help with the community response to the pandemic:

Become a Covid Champion

This involves attending an online or phone training session to learn more about the virus and how we can stop it spreading. Then you spread the word amongst your community and friends in whatever way you like. Training sessions are not currently run regularly as previously, but you can contact us if you would like to access one, on covidchampions@visalliance.org.uk. Previous info here.

Volunteer to support the Vaccination Programme in Calderdale

Do you want to be a part of this ground-breaking vaccination programme and help fight the pandemic? Do you want to help your community, supporting patients before and after, to access the vaccination programme, and be a friendly face of encouragement?    Read more…

Volunteer to help our Schools Rapid Testing Programme

We have twice been asked to help out with initial Lateral Flow Testing at Calderdale College, who have 4000 students to process – a mammoth task!   There are a range of roles for volunteers , including observing students self-administering the tests, usually for a 1-2 week period. This may arise again at future beginnings of term, and we will post the opporunity here.

Read more about the recent volunteering arrangements……

Volunteer to help your neighbours with shopping or dog walking or other tasks.  Firstly try contacting your local mutual aid/covid support group.

There are lots in Calderdale – click here for details.

If there isn’t one in your area you can offer to help via the central volunteering hub

Or why not get together with a couple of neighbours and set one up?  We can help.