Vaccination Volunteering

Vaccination Programme Marshall – Volunteer Role

This role is on hold currently, but this page remains in place while we see what happens next in terms of COVID-19…

Previous Info:

Do you want to be a part of the ground-breaking vaccination programme and help fight the pandemic? Are you able to work on your feet and sometimes outdoors  for 4 hours at a stretch?

If you are considering taking on this role, it’s very worth  registering to become a Covid Champion, to access both information to give you confidence to volunteer, and weekly email Updates where we let you know about volunteering opportunities. Once you’ve filled out the simple registration form online, you are offered a calendar to book a one-off informal training session, usually with one of our retired doctors, enabling you to confidently answer questions of the people attending clinics (and those of your friends, neighbours and colleagues too.)  These sessions run twice a month and can be found here.

After that, there are optional zoom update sessions if you want to check back in for any new info or stats, e.g. on new Covid variants, local stats, or new vaccination options. Who knows where your volunteering may take you – in July, Covid Champions were supporting “grab a jab” weekend at the Circus, and in the Autumn, at the pop up clinic at the UK’s oldest nightclub!