Vaccination Programme in Calderdale

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23/3/21 Vaccination Programme in Calderdale Update

  • Vaccinations are available for those in priority groups 1-9 (everyone over 50, plus those in vulnerable groups and frontline workers), and is being delivered at a number of surgeries across Calderdale, the hospital, and at Boots in Halifax. Pop-up clinics at mosques have been organised, and a number of different community pharmacy sites are likely to open in the next few weeks.
  • People should NOT contact their GP to request a vaccination – they will be contacted when it is their turn.  The government recently announced that there would be reduced vaccine supply throughout April, and the National Booking System is therefore only available for 2nd doses during that time. Those over 50 or in other priority cohorts should be contacted by their GP to book a vaccination.
  • In Calderdale, we have reached well over 90% of people in the first 4 priority cohorts, with housebound patients being picked up by the roving vaccination team.  We’ve also vaccinated the vast majority of frontline health and social care staff, those who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and the majority of those 50+.
  • Neither of the two vaccines currently available contain any animal products.
  • Both vaccinations have both been extensively tested on tens of thousands of volunteers. The reasons that it is available in such a short space of time is not because safety has been compromised, but because there has been unprecedented international cooperation, ample funding, political will, and less bureaucratic hoops.
  • The vaccine is safe for almost everyone, does not impact fertility, and like other vaccines, due to the way it works, does not pose a threat of other long-term health impacts.
  • People with history of a severe allergy to the ingredients of the vaccines should not be vaccinated.
  • The MHRA has updated its guidance to say that pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding can have the vaccine but should discuss it with a clinician to ensure that the benefits outweigh any potential risks.
  • Similarly, advice for women planning a pregnancy has also been updated and there is no need for women to delay pregnancy after having the vaccination.
  • Vaccinations will only be available through the NHS for the moment. Anyone who claims to be able to provide you with a vaccine for a fee is likely to be committing a crime and should be reported to the Police online or by calling 112. Any such text message is a scam – ignore!
  • For more FAQs on the vaccine programme in Calderdale, the local NHS page is an excellent resource