October 2021: Thank you Calderdale Volunteers!

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November 8, 2021

October 2021: Thank you Calderdale Volunteers!

For all those who helped to deliver Calderdale’s Covid-19 Vaccination Programme… It’s almost a year since the first COVID-19 vaccination was given in England. Since that day we’ve seen an army of people come together across Calderdale to support the roll out of the programme here. And that includes you. Some of you have been involved from day one, some of you have given your time for free, some of you have come back from retirement, some of you have been working hard from kitchen tables at home, and some of you have been stood out in all weathers managing queues of people anddirecting traffic.

As the vaccination programme now moves into the next phase, delivering boosters this winter, the programme team just wanted to take a moment to say a very big ‘thank you’. Because, without your help and support we wouldn’t have been able to give the life- saving vaccine to almost 150,000 people in Calderdale. Your spirit, kindness and determination to get the job (or should we say jab) done throughout this year has epitomised what Calderdale is all about.

Thank you Team Calderdale! The above video features some people who wanted to say a few more words to you.

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