Covid19 & Ramadan

Sowerby Bridge volunteers help Ryburn Valley High school with lateral flow tests
March 30, 2021
Circus opens as pop-up vaccine centre in ‘grab a jab’ push, supported by Covid Champions
August 16, 2021

Covid19 & Ramadan

Muslims across the UK will be observing the holy month of Ramadan, this excellent short video provides guidance on how to celebrate Ramadan safely.  The video covers:

1 Can I have the vaccine whilst I’m fasting?
2 What happens if I have the vaccine and feel unwell?
3 Do I still have to follow the rules if I’ve had the vaccine?
4 Can I do the Covid test while I’m fasting?
5 Can I still go to the mosque for prayers this Ramadan?
6 Can Itikaaf take place this year?
7 Can I meet my family or go to mosque to break my fast?
8 What are the rules surrounding Eid and meeting my family?
9 Can we still send food to our family and friends?

More information about vaccination and Ramadan:

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